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Frankie D
I was born in Brooklyn NY in 1956. The neighborhood was called South Brooklyn also known as Red Hook. I was born on 1st Place and Court Street, right in the heart of a great Italian neighborhood. I mostly grew up with my grandparents Sal and Mary, the two nicest people I've met thus far in my life. My father was a wise guy and my mother was just as bad; she should have been born a man. When my father had a beef and my mother was there, she would throw punches too. They made a great team. My father wasn't around much, he was either out taking care of business or on the lam but I was treated good. When there was money I got a lot of treats, but when there was none, it was back to my grandparents house. It was great and I have no complaints so lets skip the shit from the ages of 1 - 16.

In the year 1970 my dad met a man named Al Goldstein through another man whose name was Archie Gordon, a newspaper distributor. He was having some trouble so he came down to the Gallos for help, from that point on my dad owned and operated Astro News. For the next 35 years he was the sole distri- butor of Al Goldstein's famous Screw Magazine and 50 other sex publications. We had the business until 2002 and made a lot of money, in between life went on as normal as I thought it should be.

Lets go to 1972, the year I popped my cherry in more ways than one. This is when I started hanging with my dad. He was on President Street hanging with the Gallos. He used to be with Larry Gallo a lot before he died in 1968 of cancer. My father and I drove Larry Gallo home one night and that was the last time I saw him. The first time I met Joey Gallo he grabbed my cheeks so hard I was black and blue for a week. He did it to show his affection to me knowing I was Ricky's son. He told me, if anything ever happened to my father that I always had a home on the block and; then he told me to go wash his car. 1972 was a good year. I used to go to President Street to see my father a lot and started hanging with some of the other guys my age like Frankie Proscutti and Anthony Gum- badel. I had two other guys that hung with me named Steve and Marty and they were great friends. I started staying on the block a lot and hanging at Roy Roys club, where all the regular guys stood. Back then we were too young to hang in main clubs.

One night I was playing cards in the club and one of the big boys (no names) was looking for some guys to do a score with, my luck I was there. I went on my first score, a diamond heist in N.Y. I took my two friends Marty and Anthony with me. We did it and got away with $100,000 in diamonds. After we fenced it we got about $5000 a piece, that was big for us. After that we started to dress the part and got some recognition. When we would go to the clubs, people knew we were from President street and that Rick was my father. After a few bar fights when I fucked some guys up, it was smooth sailing from ages 16-21.

I met a lot of big names like Don Carlos, Funzouale, Joe Shep and Aniel from different families besides the family my father was with. I got very close to some of them like Roy Roy, Bobby Boriello, Steve Cerillo, Joe Castro, & Louie the Syrian. I also met a lot of ass holes that I didn't get along with but that's another story. Then I did a few other things that we cant talk about here. This is the year (1976), I got my first gun pinch and I beat it. It got knocked down to assault. By 1984 I got a drug pinch and I was facing 4 different 25 years to life bids, but it got thrown out.

Over the years I met guys from different crews that I hung out with that wanted me to be with them but my father always said be a friend and help out, but stay a loner so you wouldn't be obligated. Thank GOD he was right, half became rats and the others became pricks. In the last 20 years if there's was a beef I got a gun and took care of it myself. Not to say there aren't a lot of good guys out there because there are many. This magazine represents the life I was born and raised into, so kickback, relax and enjoy our killer premiere issue.


 Born in Long Island, New York, the “Mixter” as know in the sports and business radio circles commentator is a former real estate developer. As accomplished R/E developer he developed, constructed and sold millions of dollars in property in Florida.

A restaurant developer, magazine and news paper publisher and established broadcaster, Bazsuly brings his wide range of 30 years of business to the table at Mob Candy.

Sports casting in Florida and talk radio nationwide, his show “Your Monies Worth” has run for five years on Beasley Broadcastings Network and for some time in Los Angeles on 97.1 Free FM with co-host and Florida broadcasting legend, Jeff DeForrest.

Having been a writer and covering every major boxing and football event over the years, these two gentlemen have the ability to see firsthand any developments in news, sports and entertainment through a wide assortment of characters and connections in those specific industries.

This gives MOB CANDY readers and subscribers an exciting look into the brighter side and the darker side of the underworld. The editorial content adds to its dramatic persona!

“Working on MOB CANDY is a dream come true, as we are granted a license to finally print the truth, free of the bullshit and the fear of who offends who. We could give two F%$^# who we offend, and just want the real truth be told. What you read is gospel, and in my words; no fillers, no additives, Just a Truth.

Like it or not, truth always remains the same.” ~ Mick Bazsuly

Tom Kozlowski: 

Tom Kozlowski is a Venture-Marketing Specialist. His remarkable entrepreneurial and marketing systems have earned Tom a great deal of success. With a background in casino gaming and marketing, he has been consulting and implementing his systems with different companies and industries all around the world. Tom holds the distinction of being the youngest floor manager in the history of casino gaming.

A student in marketing for the last 20 years, he has studied and worked with many of the greats in the marketing industry. By keeping in touch with the latest trends and techniques, "TK" is able to implement these ideas into your business in a professional and efficient manner.

After much time, energy, and investment, Tom has created his own unique systems that bring immediate results, without costing companies any additional financial expense.